Teri Buffett


What is your mantra?

“Appreciate what you have, forget what you don’t and live in the NOW.”

What kind of music can we expect to hear?

In my class you can always look forward to a heavy beat, a mix of some R&B/pop remixes and EDM.

What’s on repeat on your playlist right now?


What does fitness mean to you?

When I was growing up a balanced lifestyle meant working out every day to feel your best although as I have went through my personal fitness journey my perspective has changed greatly. Yes, working out and staying active is a part of a balanced lifestyle but there is also the mental/emotional and nutritional aspect of living a balanced lifestyle. Now, I take more of a mind, body and soul perspective when it comes to living a balanced lifestyle not only focusing on how you physically look on the outside but how you feel on the inside too. 

What is your class like as a GIF?


What kind of vibe do you create within your class?

During my classes I want my riders to feel empowered.  I want my riders to feel strong and powerful when they are riding catching every beat and building strength along the way.  The vibe will be challenging at times while also remembering to have fun and smile while riding and feeling the music 😊 We will start and end each class together as a team!