Answers to your frequently asked questions

This depends on how much you plan on coming! We always recommend doing the 2 week trial to not only try out different instructors and times but to see how many times a week you will come based on your schedule.

If you come 1-2 times a week then a class card package will last longer. If you come 3 or more times a week then unlimited will be better financially.

Yes! You can buy them in studio or on our website.
Thats fine, don’t stress. Best thing about spin is there is an option for everyone and the room is dark (added bonus). You are in control of the dial and how far you want to push. If you need to stay seated a full class then thats what you do. We encourage new riders go at their own pace and just have fun!
This is completely dependent on each individual and we recommend checking with your doctor before riding at JUST Cycle.
You can but we will provide shoes, bike towel, and shower towel. Just make sure to bring clothes to sweat in and a water bottle.
100%. We always say lucky number 3, after the third or fourth time usually your body will get use to the seat and it won’t feel uncomfortable anymore. If it is still uncomfortable then you can bring your own cushioned gel seat cover, just make to bring it home!
Yes, each new rider must create an account and fill out a new rider waiver form before your first class. You can’t book other people under your account.
We have lockers with a keypad that is easy and ready to use. The bathrooms have showers and washrooms with space to change before and after class.
Yes, someone will show you around the studio and then get you fully set up on the bike. They will also show you how to clip in and how to get off the bike.
This varies based on membership. Email for more information!
Sign up at our studio by presenting your student ID card (must be an accredited college or university).